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Full Moon Astrology For Each Zodiac Sign


element: fire (intense, open, friendly, powerful)

modality: cardinal (self-starting, initiator, leader)

key words: strength, drive, determination, inventive, innovative, bold, reactive

struggles: covering feelings (explicitly outrage, upset), state of mind swings, temperament effectively influenced by little things, can’t take analysis in any event, when valuable/kind, inborn force battles, propensity to exhaust, issues with responding before speculation, outrage issues

emotional aspects: feels all feelings at a maximum level – nothing is felt “ordinarily” and all feelings are serious, feelings will in general be exceptionally brief and don’t keep going for long, won’t request help when in critical passionate need, wants to continually be the “glad/solid companion” which can prompt enthusiastic constraint, receptive and has a propensity for acting before speculation

recommended emotional outlets: physical movement (boxing would presumably benefit you all), directing vitality into work/ventures, recording things before really doing them/letting every one of your emotions out into a type of safe stage

strengths: self-starting and motivated, high energy levels (usually), very funny, always honest with people/people view them as very real, the person that motivates others to get things done, tends to speak up for the underdog when other’s won’t, often not afraid to say what needs to be said, unmatchable passion


element: earth (warm, stable, hard-working, thoughtful)

modality: fixed (stubborn, persistent, passionate)

key words: luxury, beauty, art, creativity, persistence, stubbornness, goal-driven

struggles: self-esteem, self-perception/mental self portrait by and large, understanding other’s place of perspectives, creating god complex, excessively free, opening up to other people, enthusiastic suppression

emotional aspects: subdues sentiments, doesn’t open up effectively, propensity to disgrace self for feeling things, slow to outrage however the indignation is changeless/inclination to hold hard feelings, feelings by and large last some time and are not short lived, a sentimental heart with an enduring reliability to companions and friends and family

recommended emotional outlets: partaking in some form of art, (healthily & carefully) treating self to material items, re-doing/re-arranging your home, changing your wardrobe/aesthetic

strengths: high levels of creativity, natural appreciation and good eye for art + aesthetics + beauty, stable and warm personality that makes many people feel comfortable within seconds of interacting with them, persistent in their goals, hard-working and committed


Element: air (open, social, friendly, intelligent, logical)

modality: mutable (continuously changing, chameleon-like, open-minded)

key words: change, intellect, restlessness, insomnia, anxiety, communication, learning, sarcasm

struggles: knowledge the massive picture, memory (tends to handiestrecall off-exceeded comments, random details/facts, etc), anxiety, insomnia, indecisiveness, commitment, temper swings, pessimism

emotional aspects: intellectualizes emotions, represses feelings, turns negative feelings towards humour/memes, soreness around disillusioned people/can’t handle emotional people, seeks rational and good judgment in everything

recommended emotional outlets : writing, public speaking/communication, niche hobbies/uncommon hobbies, the usage of a journal or maybe a private vent social media

strengths: communication, herbal wit, learning-abilities/intellect, sarcasm, good sense of humour, easily likable/relatable, fits into a hugeform of crowds, innate capacityto peer all facets of an argument/situation, honest and open-minded


element: water (emotional, natural, delicate, warm)

modality: cardinal (self-beginning, initiator, pioneer)

key words: affectability, surliness, activity, drive, sustain

struggles: moon is busy’s most noteworthy potential here – a twofold edged sword that can bring about a staggering measure of feelings consistently, extraordinary affectability to other’s temperaments, visit disposition swings, can’t acknowledge analysis, assimilates others’ feelings, revels in episodes of sentimentality and struggles to relinquish individuals/places/things, over-connection to the home and perhaps the mother

emotional aspects: will in general feel everything without exception at the same time, feelings resemble waves that suffocate them, much of the time assimilates others’ states of mind and feelings and can succumb to clairvoyant vampires effectively, love more enthusiastically than any other individual; regularly bundles of cherishing daylight

recommended emotional outlets: composing (explicitly fiction/verse/comparative), contemplation, tuning in to music/composing music

strengths: intrinsic comprehension of individuals’ sentiments, astounding at wording things identifying with their sentiments and feelings, (contingent upon different positions) great with emotional articulation and solace, a capacity to romanticize about anything (can likewise be an awful thing at certain focuses however)


Element: hearth (severe, open, friendly, powerful)

modality: fixed (stubborn, persistent, passionate)

key words: passion, creativity, romance, drive, commitment, leadership, energy

struggles: growing god complex, hiding emotions, overreacting/being overdramatic, angering too quickly, excessive sensitivities (in particular to criticism), self-confidence troubles hidden at the back of an overconfident from time to time pushy attitude, tendency to overwork

emotional aspects: brief to react; slow to forget (in evaluation to other hearth signs, now not so much in comparison to a taurus or scorpio moon), easily upset and really sensitive, emotions are felt at the very best level always and generally tend to last for a lot longer than the opposite hearth moons’ severe emotions, strive to continually be very bright human beings and sense a want to keep the temper up anywhere they go/tend to take on plenty of emotional burden

recommended emotional outlets : creating artwork (specially artwork to be shared/admired via others), writing/telling stories

strengths: natural born leader, could make any individual feel welcome and comfortable round them, clearly lovable, wonderful storytellers, extremely creative, pushed and committed, hard-working


Element: earth (warm, stable, hard-working, thoughtful)

modality: mutable (constantly changing, chameleon-like, open-minded)

key words: flexibility, crucial, communication, health, work, anxiety, caregiver

struggles: letting feelings flow / just feeling things without thinking their validity and reasoning, being overly critical of both themselves and others, falling for people who need to be fixed however who treat them badly in return, giving too many second chances, has a difficult time in standing up for themselves, has a bent to be a bit too blunt and critical closer to others, tends to worry too much approximately their own and other’s health, often struggles with anxiety and anxiety

emotional aspects: they need to talk out their feelings but they don’t need to experience them or have others view them as weak, they continuously help others / repair others however won’t ever ask for the help they want in return, an inclination to investigate and/or repress their feelings over simply feeling them, ‘hide don’t experience’ is an earth moon motto however esp virgo moons

recommended emotional outlets : writing (!!), turning to bright/uplifting people and permitting them to help you/cheer you up in preference to the reverse for once, staying at domestic and just watching an entire television series rather than running for once

strengths: helping others work thru their issues and emotions, making others sense loved and comforted, being there for people in the course of their worst times and never making human beings experience like it’s a bore/job, directing/main in work, communicating sincerely and straightforwardly


Element: fireside (intense, open, friendly, powerful)

modality: fixed (stubborn, persistent, passionate)

key words: passion, creativity, romance, drive, commitment, leadership, energy

struggles: growing god complex, hiding emotions, overreacting/being overdramatic, angering too quickly, immoderate sensitivities (particularly to criticism), self-confidence issues hidden in the back of an overconfident now and again pushy attitude, tendency to overwork

emotional aspects: quick to react; slow to forget (in assessment to other hearth signs, not a lot in assessment to a taurus or scorpio moon), without problems disappointed and truely sensitive, emotions are felt on the very first-class level always and usually generally tend to remaining for plenty longer than the alternative fireside moons’ intense emotions, attempt to usually be very bright human beings and sense a want to preserve the mood up everywhere they go/generally tend to take on plenty of emotional burden

encouraged emotional outlets: growing art work (particularly art work to be shared/admired through others), writing/telling stories

strengths: herbal born leader, may want to make any man or woman experience welcome and cushty spherical them, actually lovable, exceptional storytellers, extremely creative, pushed and committed, hard-working


Element: water (emotional, intuitive, sensitive, warm)

modality: fixed (stubborn, persistent, passionate)

key words: depth, overthinking, intimacy, sensitivity, intuition

struggles: goal thinking, taking criticism, establishing as much as others, trusting others and letting humans completely into their lives, overthinking and taking the entirety personally, protecting grudges and feeling a constant need for revenge, struggles with jealousy, can have god complex/massive ego and be very stubborn

emotional aspects: being a water moon their feelings are constantly something they’re drowning in, tendency to feel the entirety which includes other’s emotions which results in them being the target of psychic vampires (very not unusual with water moons), they’re extremely emotional but much like earth moons they sincerely warfare to explicit it notwithstanding being a water sign – scorpio moons are important in their own emotions and are concerned revealing their problems will make them weak (so they tend to bottle), have a tendency to be vulnerable to depressive episodes / upset spells

advocated emotional outlets: POETRY (im begging all of you scorpio moons to just write poetry you’ll be so properly at it you simply don’t realize it), getting worried in music (be it just listening or certainly writing/making music), just writing in general- get your emotions out for once and forestall bottling/feeling responsible for talking your emotional mind

strengths: unwavering loyalty for others, the capability to observe matters thru and get matters done, outstanding degrees of creativity, have a tendency to be first rate at sensing out human beings and understanding if someone is a superb or bad man or woman even upon first assembly them, extremely captivated with the matters and people they care for, very driven and hard-running humans (scorpio paintings ethic is genuinely underrated), a wonderfully investigative mindset – could be exceptional working as some thing like a detective/lawyer/psychologist/etc


element: fire (intense, open, friendly, powerful)

modality: mutable (constantly dynamical, chameleon-like, open-minded)

key words: philosophy, open-mindedness, change, travel, freedom, communication

struggles: tend to forgive & forget terribly simply and far more than they must which ends up in brokenheartedness and being taken advantage of, typically a touch too blunt/honest for his or her own smart, not the simplest at being attentive to the tiny things/tiny details, extraordinarily flaky from time to time, tendency to ghost folks / ignore others, will develop very awful god complexes, problems with commitment particularly in career/school, unthoughtfulness

emotional aspects: as a hearth moon; emotions are perpetually amplified and zilch is felt at a basic level – they’re either terribly happy or very unhappy or very angry, emotions are intense and have a tendency to vary oft, sag moons have most likely a number of the worst mood swings of all the moon placements because of the mixture of each hearth and mutable nature, emotions simply stricken by their surroundings and also the moods of these around them, they like to return off/be terribly easygoing and insouciant however they have an inclination to induce overcome by feelings simply that successively frustrates them (they additionally tend to ghost, isolate, escape to somewhere new, etc once overcome – recreation may be a massive cope technique for sag moons)

recommended emotional outlets: t r a v e l (even simply obtaining out of the house to travel on a get into nature may be a smart outlet for a sag moon), exercise & exploration are smart shops for hearth moons, learning one thing new (especially languages, philosophy, etc), writing however on an even bigger platform wherever you’ll be able to reach others

strengths: perpetually the funniest folks in a very space, terribly humorous and quality humor for days, terribly honest and blunt, will be terribly energetic, typically smart at (even if faking it) being super enthusiastic/bright/uplifting, broad-minded and simple at adapting to vary and new things, superb ability to ascertain the larger image of things/life generally, will be terribly optimistic and includes a aptitude to cheer others up


element: earth (warm, stable, hard-working, thoughtful)

modality: cardinal (self-starting, initiator, leader)

key words: repression, hard work, initiation, leading, stability, balance

struggles: handling emotions generally, expressing feelings thoughts and emotions to others and even acceptive their own feelings to themselves, trusting others, lease others in, tendency to overwork themselves and attack quite they’ll handle, refuses to provoke facilitate even after they really want it

emotional aspects: an inclination to repress emotions and shame themselves for feeling things, tends to do to continuously be the “strong one” and criticizes themselves for having emotions and being upset by things, emotions are a backburner thought to capricorn moons – they hate that they feel things and look at themselves as terribly weak after they get upset/depressed/hurt/etc, they perpetually need to seek out logic and reason behind their emotions and struggle to simply accept that generally you simply feel things while not abundant reason, terribly onerous on themselves and wish to continuously be sturdy for others, inside they require to be terribly bubbly and optimistic however they want they aren’t allowed to be that way/weren’t meant to be

recommended emotional outlets: pack up for once and take a chance specializing in your hobbies/creative interests, do one thing that connects you with nature (going for a walk/hike, etc) as it’s a natural comfort for earth moons, simply watch a complete TV program or one thing okay relax for once pls

strengths: the toughest workers; the foremost driven individuals you’ll ever meet, sometimes the parent friend WHO continuously cares for and helps others after they want it; humanitarian without having to be, continuously hypes up and supports their friends dreams/goals, natural born leader and instigator, excellent at kicking off and making things, a awfully heat one that makes individuals around them feel very comfy and safe once developed, sometimes terribly stable balanced individuals


element: air (open, social, friendly, intelligent, logical)

modality: fastened (stubborn, persistent, passionate)

key words: intellect, doctrine, logic, music, art, isolation, repression, overthinking/overanalyzing

struggles: acceptive and feeling their own emotions, expressing emotions (in words – they’re sensible at expressing emotions through their works like art pieces), phrasing things properly (they tend to struggle with human action things “correctly” aka they have a tendency to misspeak and say things however they didn’t intend them to return off as), addressing amendment, god complexes, tendency to overthink and overanalyze everything (even things that don’t got to be analyzed), will have problems with actually connecting to folks (they don’t trust easily/they doubt everybody and also the things people say ; it’s simply typically terribly laborious for them to create deeper emotional connections)

emotional aspects: all emotions are critically analyzed and thought through a billion times, if they can’t build rational sense of associate degree feeling it’s sometimes repressed; shamed and/or neglected, tends to beat themselves up for feeling things and not continuously being “strong”, they don’t perceive their own emotions and extremely struggle to simply accept them as is, sometimes bottle things up and don’t (seriously, they may post depressing memes tho) specific however they feel till they hit some extent wherever they merely have an enormous breakdown, tend to be terribly vulnerable to depressive episodes, extraordinarily laborious on themselves showing emotion, tendency to isolate once emotional

recommended emotional outlets: creating music/listening to music, making art of virtually any kind, that specialize in one thing to distract yourself from your frequent overthinking (movies/shows are particularly great)

strengths: tend to be naturally inclined artistically and musically, ability for days, able to read things and frustrations with rational logic instead of simply viewing everything through an showing emotion biased lens, provides the simplest recommendation, terribly robust drive and determination (especially in work/hobbies), naturally terribly humanitarian and fast to assist others/be there for folks even if they don’t continuously have the emotional capability for such, method with words and extremely sensible at creating friends/being social/the lifetime of the party (even although they have a tendency to really be very introverted/prefer isolation)


element: water (emotional, intuitive, sensitive, warm)

modality: changeable (constantly dynamic , chameleon-like, open-minded)

key words: emotions, intuition, change, warmth, state

struggles: tend to perpetually be solely “half there” once around folks (always daydreaming/stuck in their mind), tendency to be terribly flaky and cancel plans/ghost people/etc usually, will romanticize things an excessive amount of (again that constant daydreaming) and too often provide advantage of the doubt, problems with committing to things (especially the world of life with reference to the house their moon is found in), most likely the foremost frequent victims of psychic vampires (people that use you/drain you emotionally), provides too several second possibilities as a result of they need a awfully softhearted and forgiving temperament, once undeveloped – vast victim complexes

emotional aspects: somebody United Nations agency absorbs the emotions of everybody and everything (if an area encompasses a sure “feel”, they’ll begin propulsion therein feeling – they virtually feel everything), perpetually powerless with feeling, feelings is terribly momentaneous for them however serious nevertheless, need loads of alone time to method emotions and live through the load of holding everybody else’s emotions for them, as a result of they absorb AND mirror other’s emotions thus often they often have bother deciding what they’re really feeling and surfing

recommended emotional outlets: one thing with reference to the humanities or music (listening to music, creating music ; making art; drawing/painting/etc), written outlet (reading/writing ; particularly poetry or fiction novels)

strengths: wonderful levels of sensitivity that enables them to select up on/feel other’s emotions and thoughts before that person even is aware of however they’re feeling themselves, nice intuition with a decent ability to sense out unhealthy folks from distant, perpetually nurturing others and creating them feel warm/safe, pisces moons have a awfully “omniscient” energy within the sense they are available off as if they grasp everything (which successively makes them very likable, admirable, etc), terribly elastic folks, high levels of ability

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