Friday , July 3 2020

The weakness of each Zodiac Sign

Each of the Signs has strengths and weaknesses. Power is something that is easy for some to see and know. The problem is its weaknesses. Some people cannot see it because it is usually associated with other “normal” personality traits. What are your weaknesses according to your Astrology sign?


Your weak point is your anger and violent reactions. Do not resort to screaming, but you certainly do not let things pass without proving your superiority over others and a victorious exit from the situation. Your stubbornness may be devastating at times. This puts you in a vulnerable position when it comes to love because you are not able to win the love of others, but rather you demand it, which you usually get an honest copy of.


Your weakness is that you never change and are inactive. You live your life according to a specific routine and according to the principle of step by step, which makes you miss opportunities for yourself. Your stubbornness and tendency to exaggerate make you the king of the drama. You stick to one thing, whether it is a lifestyle or a career, and you dare not make one step forward for growth and development. All of these things make you vulnerable to exploitation and when you realize that it is too late.


Your weakness lies in the duality of your personality and randomness. You might think that your ability to act in different ways to get the strengths you want is not, but your entire environment and in the long run will be considered selfish.


Shy and moody, you cannot forget easily and often seek revenge. Your jealousy has made you the most prominent weakness, and it usually pushes you to talk bad about others. You love money and don’t like spending unless it comes to your interest. Horoscope is usually one of the stingy horoscopes even if they are rich.


You love controlling and acting as if you have absolute power. So stubborn that you really believe you have power and influence that gives you control over others. You cannot continue without praising others, and this is what makes every person harboring an evil for you who takes advantage of this weakness of yours to catch you. When you find yourself in trouble, you usually hide and expect friends to help you, but they rarely do so.


You cannot trust anyone even if it is your closest girlfriends or husband. You always criticize and grumble, but when someone does that, you simply start swearing at him. Your weakness is so great the arrogance that makes you believe that all the good that happens to others is because of you.


Your weakness is your inability to resolve decisions at all. You feel confused quickly and easily, and your frequent hesitation is a very big problem. Every time you are in front of a problem or something that requires your judgment, you are in a state of confusion and fear, and certainly, you will not make any decision even if it is related to the type of candy that you want to eat.


As an enemy, you are vengeful, so others avoid provoking your anger. But your biggest weaknesses are your bad decisions in love. Scorpios are horoscopes, who usually marry the wrong person because whoever suits him perfectly has abandoned him, and of course, because of the vengeful nature of the scorpion, the separation will be devastating, making the chances of returning to the right choice nil. Very stubborn, and never learn from your mistakes, and when someone criticizes you, you do not accept it in a sporty spirit.


Your weak point is that the breath of air can be a distraction for you. You also adjust and change your personality according to situations. Your desire to do several things at the same time makes you exposed and vulnerable, especially as this lifestyle creates a lot of problems. You live in a bubble of your own making you lose contact with the real world.


Your greatest weakness lies in your inability to cope with stress. You can never act when you are under pressure, but rather behave badly with others. You separate from reality Sometimes it is difficult to deal with you. Too cold when it comes to expressing love. An additional weakness is your inability to adapt to variables.


You seek freedom and prefer to do things alone. Your weakness is that you cannot accept criticism or ridicule even though you make fun of others … and you are very good at it. You don’t care about customs and traditions, and this puts you in a confrontation with others. Since you do not deal with criticisms well, anger is your alternative solution, which makes you weak and exposed to them.


Your weakness lies in your excessive confidence in others who often disappoint you. You are a complex character that is difficult to understand, but in the end, you are very sensitive. Your sensitivity makes others think that it is easy to use you, and this is what happens in many situations. But because you have the patience, you usually want to see it through.

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